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Guest Investigators

Dr. Shari Stacy

Dr. Shari Stacy, college English professor and paranormal researcher, resides in Horten Norway.   Her life-long interest in the strange and mysterious started very early with her brother’s reading Edgar Allan Poe to her at night with only a flashlight to see by.  Her mother let her stay up late Saturdays to watch Chiller Theatre and her grandfather regaled her with tales of haunting in the hills and coal camps of Southwest Virginia.  (She thanks them all prodigiously.)
Shari has written several articles on the paranormal that have appeared in on-line magazines and blogs.  She has chronicled the adventures of a couple of ghost investigation groups and interviewed several people about their experiences with the otherworldly.  Teaching a horror film class provides her the opportunity to share her love of the spooky with her students who come away with a greater appreciation of the classics.  The Out of this World radio program that she formerly co-hosted with Clayton Trout strives to provide thought-provoking discussions of the supernatural, the unexplained, and the spiritual, while providing the opportunity for listeners to tell their own stories of eerie happenings.